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FINDING LUCY, an American Masters production, is the definitive film biography of a legendary performer who defined her art and created a new place at the table for the many comediennes who followed in her footsteps.

Lucille Ball and her partner and husband, Desi Arnez, were midwives at the birth of American television comedy and their offspring, I Love Lucy, was at one time the most watched program on the planet.

Winner of a Primetime Emmy Award, this film, directed by Pamela Mason Wagner and written by Thomas Wagner, reveals, with passion and compassion, that the woman who brought us all so much laughter, who broke ground on the stage and in the boardroom, was also haunted by insecurity, contradictions and tragedy.

Lucy and Desi

CAN WE MAKE IT TO MARS? The premiere episode in NOVA ScienceNow’s fifth season on PBS features a story directed, written and produced by Pamela Mason Wagner and co-produced by Thomas Wagner about a new generation of space suits that will be needed for interplanetary exploration.

Hosted by astronaut Mike Massimino, the story begins with the space suit of today, a bulky gas filled balloon, and introduces a sleek, skin-tight alternative invented by MIT’s Dava Newman. But protecting our cells from the hostile environment of outer space is harder than you think!






Produced and directed by Pamela Mason Wagner, this one-hour docudrama for Discovery HD follows six historical characters and their experiences of Christmas during the Civil War. Some rose from slavery to freedom while others lost everything.

CHRISTMAS AND THE CIVIL WAR explores how the holiday traditions we recognize—Santa Claus, Christmas trees, gift giving—cemented themselves in our national consciousness.

Weaving original themes and period music, Thomas Wagner composed the haunting score. A Tapestry International production.



PROOF OF INNOCENCE is the amazing story of Clark McMillan’s 22 years in prison for a crime he did not commit – and how the Innocence Project using DNA evidence finally freed him. There have been over 200 exonerations in the US (at the time of airing), and thousands more cases remain in limbo. Clark is one of the lucky ones.

Interviews with Innocence Project attorneys Peter Neufeld, Barry Scheck and Vanessa Potkin, along with Mr. McMillan, help unravel this enraging story of police misconduct, human error, and justice gone awry. Pamela Mason Wagner wrote, directed and produced for Nick Davis Productions. The film aired on Discovery ID.





Proof of innocence

Co-written and co-produced by Thomas Wagner, this fascinating and poignant film bio about Rod Serling—one of television's most esteemed and popular writers—earned Mr. Wagner a Writer’s Guild nomination for Best Documentary Script.

ROD SERLING: Submitted For Your Approval is the story of a legendary dramatist, a “golden boy” during television’s Golden Age. Ultimately, Serling made his most enduring contribution to television history with The Twilight Zone. By cloaking controversial issues of the day in fantasy and science fiction tales he eluded the suffocating censorship of commercial sponsors. And while the censors looked elsewhere, the tales became legend.

Exclusive interviews with John Frankenheimer, Jack Klugman, Kim Hunter and Buck Houghton, provide a detailed portrait of the man whose innovative work changed the course of television history.

rod serling

Turtle Rock produced one hour of the four-part series UNDERWATER UNIVERSE, a Lone Wolf Documentary Group Production for The History Channel.

KILLER SHOCKWAVES focuses on three types of waves, each bigger and more destructive than the last: the rogue wave, the monster breaker and the tsunami.

Filmed in Hawaii, Northern California, Oregon, New York, and the U.K., and written and directed by Pamela Mason Wagner, the program explores how these different types of waves are born and what makes each unique.





Undrerater universe

THE MYTHOLOGY OF STAR WARS, directed by Pamela Mason Wagner for Public Affairs Television, explores the struggle between heroes and villains and the influence of a higher power (”the force” in the Lucasian mythology).

In this program, using extensive film clips from the Star Wars saga, George Lucas discusses with Bill Moyers his efforts to tell old myths in new ways, the role of faith in his own life, and the influence of his mentor, Joseph Campbell.







Star Wars

A whirlwind summer traveling around the country with a cool, hip, young host—urban planning post grad Emmanuel Pratt—resulted in COLLAPSE, a one hour special for Discovery. From tumbling cranes and exploding steam pipes in midtown Manhattan to collapsing bridges, everything seems to be falling apart! Written, directed and produced by Pamela Mason Wagner at CBS News Productions.








Collapse: When structures fail

JOAN OF ARC: Child of War, Soldier of God

Produced for the Hallmark Channel, this trio of groundbreaking docu-dramas delve deeply into the lives of three of the most remarkable human beings in history. They challenged their adversaries and empowered their followers with little more than raw courage and unwavering belief—an example of the power of faith that resonates today.

Directed and produced by Pamela Mason Wagner and filmed on location in Ireland, Italy and the Czech Republic, these films represent an apex of storytelling skill in the docu-drama format. The extraordinary voice talents of Liam Neeson, Alfred Molina, Gabriel Byrne, Liev Schreiber, Anna Paquin and Robert Sean Leonard bring these inspiring stories to life.

Thomas Wagner received an Emmy Award nomination for his score for Patrick.