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PAMELA MASON WAGNER is a director, producer, writer whose numerous documentary films have broadcast on prime time television channels including: PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery, Discovery ID, National Geographic, History, TLC, Hallmark, and MSNBC. Ms. Wagner won the Primetime Emmy in 2001 for the American Masters film about Lucille Ball: FINDING LUCY. Her experience with contemporary subjects along with dramatically told historical docu-dramas uniquely positions her as one of New York’s most versatile non-fiction storytellers.

THOMAS WAGNER is a writer, producer and composer who unites a love of storytelling and film scoring to give a unique voice to some of Turtle Rock’s most original work. His awards include a Primetime Emmy for the American Masters special, Finding Lucy and two Writer’s Guild of America nominations for Best Documentary Script. In addition to producing and writing, Mr. Wagner has composed and produced scores for dozens of films. His score for Patrick was nominated for an Emmy Award.

TURTLE ROCK PRODUCTIONS' mission is to watch, listen and learn; to distill the essence of a narrative in order to reveal the truth of our subject. Storytelling is at the center of everything we do. Our belief is that when we find the heart of the story and tell it in a moving fashion, we can engage and inspire the widest possible audience.

Founded in 1993 Turtle Rock Productions is a full service independent production company, dedicated to producing compelling, factual entertainment for a variety of media platforms.

Pamela and Tom Wagner